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Paul Podgursky

Alinda Chemical Limited is a producer and distributor of Intermediates, Building Blocks, novel Screening Compounds for discovery research in Life Sciences worldwide. Most of our Buildings Block compounds are synthesized in Alinda Chemical Ltd. laboratories by our high-qualified and professional chemists.

Our catalog of stock-available building blocks contains over 29,000 compounds. All compounds conform to our high standard of purity (95+% by 1H NMR). On request, we can provide HPLC_MS, mass spectral analyses as well as an MSDS for any our compound.

Some Part of our compounds is located in stock of Alinda Balt Ltd. in European Union

Alinda Balt Ltd - European Union Company is a subsidiary company of Alinda Chemical Ltd. located in European Union, Lithuania, Vilnius.

  • All the Building Blocks are available in stock
  • Prompt response and immediate dispatch within 24 hrs
  • Analytical laboratories
  • European and global supply chain and logistics support

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