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Molecule Market is an exciting intuitive e-commerce marketplace where buyers, sellers, products and services intersect in the chemical space. Providing an ever growing catalog of over 1M+ products including high purity metals, reagents, building blocks, natural products, catalysts, organic, inorganic and more, our most impressive feature is the low margin we work with, providing our customers with extremely competitive pricing.

Buyers can simultaneously access countless vendors, extensive product catalogs and excess inventory all at aggressively discounted pricing. Our goal is to develop long term mutually beneficial relationships.

With a focus on customer service, Molecule Market also incorporates a robust quoting system ensuring prompt sourcing for any products customers may request from both our internal and external network of global suppliers for quantities from mg to MT.


Molecule Market  

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600 East Crescent Ave, Suite 206  

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New Jersey  


United States 

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