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We created MolPort to help the scientific community to speed up drug discovery. Whether it is for biological testing or a reagent to make a key target compound, effectively accessing commercial compounds is a core component of efficient drug discovery, but one which is frequently problematic. MolPort can help. How?

Content - the compounds of most relevance to you:

  • One easily searchable comprehensive metacatalog of many suppliers;
  • A special emphasis on small and niche suppliers and harder to find compounds.

Search - identify the compounds you want:

  • The best possible search tool, easy to use but with sophisticated search capabilities, to improve accuracy and help you.

Procurement - compound acquisition with ease and convenience:

  • Chemical procurement is a complex process, and identification of desired compounds is only part of this process;
  • MolPort can identify the best sources and obtain a quotation. If you prefer specific suppliers, just note them in your request;
  • Alternatively, you can contact suppliers directly yourself.

We are rapidly developing our services, and additional functionality will be added over the next months. We welcome your feedback on our site, and requests for new features here.




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