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Paz Matía
Juan Hernando

The “Planta Piloto de Química Fina” is a research centre conceived to stimulate University-Enterprise collaboration, promoting the integration of new “clean” technologies to the Chemo-Pharmaceutical and related industrial sectors. In response to the present demand, after its inauguration in 1998, the PPQF has developed projects and services according to the following modalities:


  1. Synthesis of new products of therapeutical interest.
  2. Improved syntheses for the production of Generic Drugs.
  3. Synthesis of impurities of drugs.
  4. Synthesis of non commercial products and intermediates in Kilolab scale (50 g-1 Kg).
  5. Synthesis of pilot batches for preclinical use of drugs in development (1-50 Kg).
  6. Detection and identification of trace contaminants in pharmaceutical products.
  7. Research and Development of new polymers.



Planta Piloto de Química Fina. Universidad de Alcalá  



Campus Universitario. Ctra. N-II, Km 3,600  

Alcalá de Henares  




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