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Richard Hellmer

Caliper Discovery Alliances & Services (CDAS) was formed through the acquisition in 2006 of NovaScreen Biosciences, a recognized leader in the performance of preclinical contract research. Since the acquisition, CDAS has greatly expanded its offering and has assembled a wide range of drug discovery and development outsourcing solutions that enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to reduce costs while accelerating the pace and clinical relevance of drug discovery research. Our contract research offering is available for ‘Fee for Service’ as well as for highly customized ‘Discovery’ and ‘Alliances’ programs.

Our current data repositoy on Chemspider is a collection of 256 diverse compounds that have been screened against the hERG (the human Ether-à-go-go Related Gene) assay.  In addition to these compounds, CDAS has an additional repository of approximately 10,000 diverse compounds screened against 67 targets meant to allow the researcher to quickly identify potential successes, failures, etc. as our repository is made of marketed drugs, failures, OTCs, and other compounds.  Please contact us to screen your compounds against hERG or any of our 1,000 in vitro and/or in vivo assays.


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